FA Full Time – Update

Following an update to the Full-Time website, where all of our league tables, and fixtures are available. please find below an update from the FA:

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far on the new mobile version of Full-Time. We wanted to give you a bit more of an update on what we are doing in the background – and to put your mind at ease – we have not removed Full-Time league admin – you can always access it from this link.
We expect you to continue to use Full-Time league admin to do the following:

  • Contact a league
  • View news articles
  • Get player stats
  • Find match official information
  • Input results or team sheets
  • To set up fixtures
  • Pitch allocations

That’s great but why did you change it?

The new version of mobile Full-Time is built to ensure fans (including parents/guardians) or players of grassroots football can easily search for a league, club or team – and then add that league, club or team to their favourites so they can always access them (no need to bookmark anymore).  Nearly 80% of all our traffic comes from mobile devices – it’s important that fans of grassroots football are able to follow the game whilst on the move (grassroots on the go). We are investing in a number of systems across The FA and this is a small step in the right direction to ensure Full-Time is visible on a mobile device. It is not a replacement for Full-Time league admin – we still expect administrators of the game to use the admin capabilities.

We advised these changes were coming from a number of emails sent to CFAs and leagues; we apologise if you did not receive this.

Why did you decide to launch this now?

As both Full-Time Mobile and Full-Time league admin are continuing to run, we haven’t stopped any services or access to each site – we simply want to ensure that players or parents of the grassroots game can access fixtures, results and league tables on the go.

What else are you doing?

We are also continuing to invest in improvements to the following services:

  • Full-Time Admin
  • Full-Time Mobile
  • Whole Game System (WGS)
  • Integration between Full-Time and WGS

We are going to kick off a process to improve a number of these services -starting with Full-Time league administration, improving the functionality you use to administer the game. We would like to know what you would fix or build if you could improve the current admin system.
Use this link to tell us what you would improve. We need your help.

What to do if the information is incorrect?

All information including sponsor logos or club details on the updated version either comes from Whole Game System or Full-Time.Please ensure your information is correct in these systems to ensure the correct information being displayed on Full-Time. If you have forgotten your login details, please contact your league secretary to reset this for you.
If you still experience issues or incorrect information on Full-Time please provide feedback here.

Still have a question? Please visit our FAQ page.

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